Pre-Approval Mortgage Checklist

The following is a standard checklist of what you will need to provide to our lenders when applying for a mortgage. You may be asked for more or less documentation depending on your circumstances. Once you have gathered these basic items, contact our Director of Sales and Marketing , Theresa Toste at for information on whom to send it to get pre-approved.

  • Review your credit report

  • Work with one of our mortgage lenders to fix any issues on your credit report.

  • Have down payment and closing costs money in the bank

  • Copies of Driver’s Licenses

  • Copies of social security cards

  • If you own a home, Mortgage Statement/Coupons for all existing loans

  • Two years of pay stubs and/or Profit and Loss Statements if self employed

  • Copies of bank statements for the last two months

  • Property tax bill

  • Retirement/Investment Account Statements

  • Two years of tax returns and W-2 Forms (or 1099)