Legacy Las Palmas

Hialeah, Florida

Legacy Las Palmas is a vision-come-true for affordable luxury! Located in the heart of Hialeah, a city known for its cultural influence, tradition and growing economy, Legacy Las Palmas embodies all the luxuries you’ve come to expect in apartment home living. This community consists of 10 masterfully constructed buildings with exterior/interior designs culminating the class and sophistication you will find living here.

Floor Plans

  • Model B1 (1,014 sq.ft.)
  • Model B2 (1,107 sq.ft.)
  • Model B3 (1,203 sq.ft.)
  • Model B4 (1,266 sq.ft.)
  • Model B5 (1,295 sq.ft.)
  • Model C1 (1,203 sq.ft.)
  • Model C2 (1,266 sq.ft.)
  • Model C3 (1,295 sq.ft.)