For over 30 years,

Cayon Development Group has been highly successful in the real estate development business.

Through their creation of numerous developments and their strategic alliances in different joint ventures, Cayon Development Group, to date, has built over 3,000 single-family homes, more than 300 condominium units, more than 600 townhomes, and developed in excess of 280,000 square feet of retail and industrial space. In addition,Cayon Development Group owns, directly or through joint ventures, over 2,600 apartments.

Building Excellence

Cayon Development Group continues to grow and operate as a dynamic and profitable owner, manager, and developer of residential and commercial real estate.The President and COO of Cayon Development Group is Mauricio Cayon. Mr. Cayon has developed Cayon Development Group into a premier builder of exceptional residential communities and commercial and industrial properties.

Tradition of Excellence

Roberto Cayon, Mauricio’s father, began Cayon Development Group over thirty years ago and has been personally responsible for developing over 80 acres of land in the City of Hialeah Gardens. Mr. Cayon was also the founder and chairman of the board of Ready State Bank, which he helped build into a thirteen-branch institution sold to Union Planters Bank (now Regions Bank, N.A.). Mr. Cayon sat on the Board of Directors of Union Planters Bank for two years. Today, Cayon Development Group continues to build and help develop the City of Hialeah Gardens and has developments throughout South Florida and the Southeastern United States.

Strategic Partnerships

In addition to its ownership and development activities, Cayon Development Group has created diversified real estate joint ventures with prestigious investors and developers such as Legacy Residential Group, The Easton Group, Soveriegn Real Estate Group, The Alliance Group, Solis Health Plans, Fenix Contractors Group, The Courtelis Group, CFH Group, The Paramount Companies, Greatstone Development, The Landmark Group, BF Group, and The Katsikos Group.

With our partnership with Legacy and Fenix contractors, We currently own land throughout Florida and South Florida that is entitled to develop over 3,200 multi-family Developments.

Building a Legacy

Mauricio Cayon, President and Chief Operating Officer, Cayon Development Group

Mauricio Cayon brings a wealth of experience and a passion for exceptional development to Cayon Development Group. As President and COO, he has spearheaded the company’s growth into a premier builder of residential communities, commercial spaces, and industrial properties throughout South Florida and the Southeastern United States.

Mauricio’s vision extends beyond creating high-quality structures. He is committed to developing vibrant communities that enhance the lives of residents and contribute to the ongoing success of the regions Cayon Development Group serves.

His leadership has been instrumental in the company’s impressive portfolio, including over 3,000 single-family homes, more than 300 condominium units, more than 600 townhomes, and in excess of 280,000 square feet of retail and industrial space. Additionally, under Mauricio’s guidance, Cayon Development Group owns and manages over 2,600 apartments.

Building on the foundation established by his father, Roberto Cayon, Mauricio fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation at Cayon Development Group. He is a firm believer in strategic partnerships, as evidenced by the company’s collaborations with prestigious investors and developers.

Mauricio’s dedication extends beyond the company. He is actively involved in the community, fostering a commitment to responsible development and creating a lasting positive impact.

Visionary Leadership

Shahin Etessam, President of Real Estate Development, CD Group

Shahin Etessam brings over 37 years of expertise to CD Group and has been an instrumental force within the company. As President of Real Estate Development, he has led the charge on a variety of award-winning projects, significantly shaping the skylines of South Florida and New England. His strategic vision focuses on embracing cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices that not only elevate each project but also set new standards in the industry. Shahin holds an MBA with a focus in Construction Management and is a State Certified General Contractor, qualifications that complement his drive for innovation and sustainable development. Under his leadership, CD Group has expanded its portfolio significantly, venturing into new markets and diversifying its real estate offerings.

Beyond his professional achievements, Shahin is deeply engaged in the community, including his pivotal role in Broward County’s Climate Change Task Force. His commitment extends beyond the professional realm; as a dedicated family man and philanthropist, Shahin is driven by a vision to build communities that support and uplift their residents, ensuring a lasting impact well into the future.

Shahin Etessam, President of Real Estate Development, CD Group

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